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  • Life models are advised to come to us if they want to model or start modeling. Please avoid at all cost those who make a living out of them and who infect our Community with nasty/criminal Business competition activities. They will make sure you get paid less so they can earn more... The minimum wage for Life models is £15/h negociable for long sessions and £20/h for big/Busy classes.
  • Our themes at the moment are Long Saturday sessions for extra creativity for less £ss, Doodle Cafe for Portraiture and Networking without alcohol, Burlesque Life Drawing, Architecture Life Drawing and French Life Drawing.
  • We are taking request for Office Life Drawing as we have a few dates available still
  • We also take bookings for Hen, stag and birthday/celebration Life Drawing.
  • We ask new members to tell us which Art teachers they recommend so please do if you know of anyone. We love those talents and really want to share all useful information.
  • I'll be visiting colleagues Art teachers and organizers from now so let me know if you'd like me to write a review about your class.
  • Whoever is traveling anywhere in the world should let me know if they'd like to draw the Human figure there. Maybe i know of a group or model.
  • If you'd like me to text you about classes or if you have a venue and don't want online promotion, we can help using our Free texting service.

Who said you couldn't feel happy & Creative at work?!

It's Official now, we brought Life Drawing to more Offices in the UK than venues and pubs since 2003, to promote the benefits of Life Drawing and change people's Lives forever.

We have reached 150 offices against 149 Pubs and venues all over.

We are talking about seriously Fun and instructive classes and not the regimental style I'll tell you more about and to avoid. We are all about Art, Inspiration, hard work, care about our teachers, about you and our models (Extreme promotion) and feel we've only started this non profit £s global crusade.

Did you know that London has got nearly 600 regular classes now and more than all world capital cities put together. Here's what elbow grease can do.

What's coming up next are Other Life Arts sessions as enjoyable and relaxing that would also help creativity with people and bring them together. 

If you'd like to show your people how much you care about them & want them to unwind, be happy  and creative together, simply email me at thelifedrawingnetwork (at) so we can fix dates & extend London Creative zone.

This map shows everywhere I went for one off Office, Hen, Stag, Birthday and regular classes.

Do not try that at home... :).

Burlesque is Now BACK!

Some said Burlesque wasn't Art and saisd really bad words about it and us but many Loved it and it became a World Phenomena with DR Sketchy and millions of Artworks created everywhere.

Some said don't go to Tony's classes because he does Burlesque and Rodinesque but most of those people finally tried it and embraced it, in secret for some and even started their own as Art is what inspires you all and that's part of Life.

I made sure from day one and nothing has changed that you would get Creative, get thinking, get excited, get happy, get even a bit tipsy with other amazing people but why aren't our classes full everytime?

Because being strict, conventional, nasty, critical is by nature, for some recognized as being succesful and respectable and this is what Fun, happy ideas, concept have to fight against. Only mass visual invasion can bring back the balance in our favour so this is now part of our Burlesque Strategy.

Do you know why DR Sketchy had the succes they had?

The Lady who started it had a clan of young men all graphic designers who were asked to compete and produced about 50 posters a week which flooded google images with tag words already used then...

See our new class on Monday nights and enjoy!


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