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Simply enquiry by email at lifedrawingsociety at and tell us your idea...

We've done anything and everything (maybe not !) that is possible for a group to do artistically together for fun or to celebrate something, so feel free to surprise us with your ideas, we create a Plan for you...

Other Related Services I can provide more information about:

  • Drawn Portrait on the day for the Hen and later in a multitude of styles with our Male model showing on the same drawing (Caricature, Fantastic, Zombie, Cartoon, Manga...). Size and time required will affect the cost.
  • Photoshoot with hen model(s) indoor and outdoor.
  • Body Parts casting for Model or for the Girls.
  • Friend of mine specializes in making Burlesque costumes, Pasties, Hats and does very well with medium size groups (up to 10) or Group performance.
  • Messy Body Painting workshop for all to create an Artwork with Male Model.
  • Another friend and Hen Male model takes groups of ladies for outdoor Physical Training and team sports/kids/Action games.
  • Weekend trip to Paris for small groups of 4 to 8 ladies sharing a flat and having Creative Fun. Possible for bigger groups too.
  • Social event at the Office (Christmas) to celebrate or raise money for Charities.
  • Life Drawing and other Life Arts (Sculpture, Painting, Photo, Writing even Music) at the Office with a get together/team building effect or in a private hall.
  • Birthdays, Weddings with Drawing event
  • Wedding Photography and Fashion model Portfolio for anyone
  • Commissions for Paintings/Art for Private or Offices
  • Naked Chef and Butler (including French) and any events where cheeky Life models are required.
  • Filming/Documentary services...

Tony 07951613705

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