Hen Life Drawing is a Drawing session designed for the hen and her friends (male and female) to have as much cheeky but creative fun as possible in the shortest amount of time, learn basics from an experienced tutor/Artist, enjoy the bubbly as much as possible , communicate with each other so the event and happy you never ever get forgotten... :)

For what is one of the best moment in your lives we had 100% 5 stars feedbacks, now for the last 2 years. 

We've been giving the most professional and friendly service possible using the best in Models and Art teachers in the UK... I started running those events in the same way I run my everyday classes, using comments, ideas, lots of critics/complaints about other event companies and common sense. Being the only person in the UK and south East of England who enjoys pulling his trolley around  London and up to 200 miles away (Cambridge, Brighton and Oxford) I presume I have an advantage.

I simply hope my good intentions will help bring this creative "get together" event to People at work and Birthdays, Parties, or even Romantic/Shopping Arty trips to Paris...

For Larger groups I can offer more choice and bring in ideas such as Surprise celebrity guests, Filming for memories or for more Public viewing we can't explain here.

Hen Life Drawing can be organised either at your place anywhere in the UK or at one of our venues in Central London where you can bring your own drinks for some saving £ss and time looking for the perfect venue. Anywhere in the UK is also fine as we travel or use reliable network members anywhere with plenty of venues to choose from...

Sessions can be between 1 and 2 hours at no extra cost and can be more or less tutored/lectured, you decide... You can also stay Longer, up to 3 hours for all sorts of games and competitions at our Central London Venue. The models are happy to pose for photos and should be asked first about nudity in photos. We also provide a photo helping hand and would ask you if possible to take our own photos or videos beforehand. I can offer Portrait drawing service  after or before the Hen weekend from Life or photos and Professional photography/video Service on the BIG DAY... 

As Always we try to bring our prices as low as possible, lower than big event companies or unfriendly organizers, adding years of experience, trying to offer the best possible and  unforgettable experience...

Other possible Services:

  • Drawn Portrait on the day for the Hen and later in a multitude of styles with our Male model showing on the same drawing (Caricature, Fantastic, Zombie, Cartoon, Manga...). Size and time required will affect the cost.
  • Photoshoot with hen model(s) indoor and outdoor.
  • Body Parts casting for Model or for the Girls.
  • Friend of mine specializes in making Burlesque costumes, Pasties, Hats and does very well with medium size groups (up to 10) or Group performance.
  • Messy Body Painting workshop for all to create an Artwork with Male Model.
  • Another friend and Hen Male model takes groups of ladies for outdoor Physical Training and team sports/kids/Action games.
  • Weekend trip to Paris for small groups of 4 to 8 ladies sharing a flat and having Creative Fun. Possible for bigger groups too.
  • Social event at the Office (Christmas) to celebrate or raise money for Charities.
  • Life Drawing and other Life Arts (Sculpture, Painting, Photo, Writing even Music) at the Office with a get together/team building effect or in a private hall.
  • Birthdays, Weddings with Drawing event
  • Wedding Photography and Fashion model Portfolio for anyone
  • Commissions for Paintings/Art for Private or Offices
  • Naked Chef and Butler (including French) and any events where cheeky Life models are required.
  • Filming/Documentary services...

Tony Pianco 07951613705

lifedrawingsociety at hotmail.co.uk


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