We offer a very reliable, safe and Professional service to young men who want to get happy and excited but in a creative way with outstanding friendly female models, who sometime can be a bit of a challenge to draw because of their natural Beauty, but a challenge is always good.

We use venues where you need to buy your own drinks or others where you can bring your own. We had grougs from 6 to 35 people and all loved it so much especially the Stag who get to pose with the model...

We can travel anywhere in the UK or find local providers...

Our prices are ridiculously low compared to other stag events providers and don't charge for the Stag from 10 people, 11 with him...

Photography is possible, and even a life drawing and photo session but the model needs to agree or might ask the group to sign an agreement, i would carry with me.

We also provide small Stag sessions for Colleagues for Business celebrations or anniversaries...

Events can be anyday and time except Mon and Tues nights and you can also decide how spicy you want the event to be...

Other Related Services I can provide more information about:

  • Drawn Portrait on the day for the Stag and later in a multitude of styles with our female model showing on the same drawing (Caricature, Fantastic, Zombie, Cartoon, Manga...). Size and time required will affect the cost.
  • Photoshoot with Stag model(s) indoor and outdoor.
  • Body Parts casting for Model or for the Men.
  • Friend of mine specializes in making Burlesque costumes, Pasties, Hats and does very well with medium size groups (up to 10) or Group performance for men/woman.
  • Messy Body Painting workshop for all to create an Artwork with Female Model.
  • Another friend and Hen Male model takes groups of Men for outdoor Physical Training and team sports/kids/ War/Action games.
  • Weekend trip to Paris for small groups of 4 to 8 men sharing a flat and having Creative Fun. Possible for bigger groups too.
  • Social event at the Office (Christmas) to celebrate or raise money for Charities.
  • Life Drawing and other Life Arts (Sculpture, Painting, Photo, Writing even Music) at the Office with a get together/team building effect or in a private hall.
  • Birthdays, Weddings with Drawing event
  • Wedding Photography and Fashion model Portfolio for anyone
  • Commissions for Paintings/Art for Private or Offices
  • Naked Lady Chef and Female Butler (including French) and any events where cheeky Life models are required.
  • Filming/Documentary services...

Please feel free to enquiry at lifedrawingsociety at


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