BASIC SUBSCRIPTION: £1/week billed automatically

  • Access to our model collective (coming soon)
  • Acess to our model register
  • Access to model's and teacher's private pages
  • Access to our Community self supportive group "Handy People"
  • Receive our bi-weekly Newsletter
  • Get help with models (ideal for Schools, TV, Artists)


  • 1 class a week anyday for up to 2.5 hrs or £5/class, ideal for learners, hobbyists, Portfolio preparation, as stress buster.
  • Bi-weekly Newsletter
  • All the Basic Subscription advantages
  • Help with learning and finding a style.

INTERNATIONAL SUBSCRIPTION: £20/month (included in the package you found)

  • Help travellers go and Draw anywhere in the world
  • Help Artists anywhere start their own classes with models and materials
  • Help given to start a local group near you
  • Help given to those wanting to try life modeling as a Hobby or Job.
  • Help travellers for accomodation if available.
  • Help with calendar of events connected to Art events, communities, exhibitions.

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